Getting paid to do the work we love.

I naturally gravitate towards the principles of the new paradigm we shared last Wednesday: love, relationships, cooperation, trust, purpose, compassion, authenticity, vulnerability, intuition, listening, asking questions, spirituality, personal development, etc.

There seems to be a shared interest in connecting with (and creating new) opportunities to authentically express yourself alongside other creatives in a collective effort to provide transformation experiences that elevate the collective consciousness and generate a higher vibration for humanity.

Prethinc is based on the idea that the fundamental principles (competition, ego, transactions, etc) governing the way we participate in the shareholder-first free market are ill-equipped to serve the evolving needs of humanity (climate, food/water, domestic violence, etc).

In July 2017, I raised $15,000 in pre-seed capital for Prethinc to imagine a stakeholder-first economy where the businesses we create exist to serve human needs. I see a collaborative future where humans work cooperatively in the community to design a sustainable way of life.

I incubated for three months, began ongoing conversations with stakeholders, and by October 3rd (my birthday) acquired customer #1 (a marketing agency / consulting firm) by providing organizational transformation services to existing businesses.

In the next ten weeks, I generated $42,500 in revenue by authentically expressing myself in the form of transformation coaching, unique consulting, and creative service design to agencies and their corporate clients. This abundance of opportunity indicated an increasing demand for authentic self-expression for creative entrepreneurs like myself to get paid to do the work we love.

I want to bring other transformation coaches and creatives into the mix. Not as employees, but as entrepreneurs authentically expressing themselves. I see a marketplace where organizations are able to serve latent unmet needs by working alongside creative entrepreneurs who are building a life for themselves around who they are and what they believe.

Coaches nurture leaders through transformation to the new paradigm (love, authenticity, vulnerability, transparency, empathy, etc). This corporate healing process prepares the organizational culture to work alongside creative entrepreneurs who authentically express themselves. Prethinc architects a pipeline between this organizational demand and the grassroots communities where creative entrepreneurs thrive.

I am currently working with organizations to discover opportunities for this harmonious connection to take place. Next month’s Founder’s Way will be on this topic of “getting paid to do the work we love”. If you are interested in being apart of this dialogue, or if you have thoughts/questions, click ‘reply’ on this email to let me know.

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