Storytelling platforms and prototyping apps to make stuff online

Storytelling platforms and prototyping apps to make stuff online

I have to give most of the credit to my friends over at Happy Startup School for sending me the email this morning with 12 ideas for creating something today. For those of you who are reading this post you can take note of this practice of “hijacking” someone else’s post. Happy Startup School gave the list of 12 items with descriptions! You can thank me later for my commentary below.

1. Make a vision board with paper, magazines, glue and scissors

This is a good one. Vision boards. They are a great way to convey the emotions which drive our daily decisions to try and change the world. For many, it is much easier to convey the vision of a big idea especially at the early ideation stages. If you don’t have access to the paper, mags, glue, etc, and you want to get started right away, you can also use Pinterest for vision boards. We are using it for Action Horizon Institute and it works great. Not only does it let us accumulate a ton of awesome graphics relevant to our vision, but it also became apart of a new media composition microlesson.

2. Create a landing page with Squarespace

I was surprised they listed Squarespace as the place to build a landing page, but I can understand their point of view. Most landing page platforms are a bit complex for the everyday user. When you need something created quickly to catch signups for an upcoming event or to validate a new idea then you might find SquareSpace helpful. I would probably use LaunchRock in this case, though.

3. Build a mobile prototype with Pop App

This app is pretty cool. You start by sketching your app on paper with pencil. Use your smartphone to take a picture of each screen you sketched and the app automaically picks it up to use as actual screens in your prototype.

4. Draw a sketch of your product or service

Whether you consider yourself an “artist” or “creative” or “business developer”, try to sketch your product or service with a pencil on paper. This timeless classic is how powerful leaders extract big visions from their mind to share with their teams to take action.

5. Build your vision in 3D with LEGO

I have not done this yet, but I have thought about it. I used to have a ton of LEGOs when I was younger. I have to ask my mother what she did with them. If you have access to LEGO I would go with this route.

6. Create an interactive prototype with Keynote and PowerPoint

Before this post, I had never used Keynotopia. I am sure we all know Keynote. Unless, of course, you are not an owner of an Apple. In which case, not to worry, because Keynotopia transforms Keynote and PowerPoint into the best rapid prototyping tools for creating mobile, web, and desktop apps.

7. Create your manifesto with Canva

Canva is awesome. I have been using Canva since they recently launched. At first, I thought this design platform was going to take over the market. However, I have also stumbled across a few others.

8. Create video with Pinnacle Studio

Video editing apps are important. Especially when I first learned how to use the value of video by using Final Cut Pro. There is still a place for high-level production that allows you to focus on the smaller details. At the same time, we have to create remarkable content as often as possible without a reduction in quality. For projects like this, check out Pinnacle Studio.

9. Tell your story with Medium

I got back into Medium recently. I have been testing out different platforms that would be good for storytelling and course authoring so I am getting a feel for everything. I am going to start running a storytelling workshop

10. Run a design sprint like Google

Watch a design spring on a YouTube video?

11. Make a scrappy prototype, er like Google

Let me know how this TedEd video is.

12. Create an engaging Slideshare

For some reason I have always disliked Slideshare. I think it’s because the UI of the website gives me a headache. However, if you have presentations that you would like to expose to more eyeballs, it’s a good platform. Likewise, if you are looking for inspiration for a presentation you have coming up, it is also a good platform for that.

13. Design your theory of change using Mammoth

Mammoth is turning out to be an awesome tool. It is basically one large canvas. I can drop any type of media into the canvas. I can type any words. I can invite others to collaborate with me. This is an authoring tool, a presentation designer, and a potential replacement for some Photoshop projects. It is not as much “plug-and-play” being that there are no templates, but if you have an idea in your mind such as a theory of change, and you want to see it on the canvas, it’s a great platform.

14. Minutemailer lets you do anything you freaking want

Last but definitely not least is Minutemailer. I can send and schedule Tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts, and email marketing messages all from within the same platform. This is my new  best friend. Yes, it is free.

Inspiration for the ideas

This post is inspired by my friends over at Happy Startup School.

In the email I received from them this morning they talk about the need to create stuff. It is one thing to have these BIG ideas, but if we don’t turn them into anything they are useless. We must get out there and make stuff to put in front of the people we are impacting.

At the same time, I can definitely relate with having a hard time turning ideas into cool stuff on the internet. It is good to hear others struggle a bit with it as well. I have been finding it easier to start on paper – usually index cards – to flesh out the idea and rearrange any thoughts which might need clarification. I find it much easier to rearrange my thoughts using index cards on the desk in front of me rather than a published post or shared infographic. Those assets are sometimes the end goal, but before I am able to feel confident in sharing something like an infographic I want to be sure it makes sense. As long as I don’t end up completely scaring myself out sharing it all together. Does that ever happen to you? Let’s help each other not do that anymore.

You can find the rest of this post on their website.

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