The bottom-line of spirituality

Bare with me because where we start this journey looks much different from where we’re headed.

This is for the CEO, employee, executive director, professor, dean, or person running for president. Your vision for humanity is so beautiful and I want that for you.

This is about wellness as a vessel for growing. Growing as a person. Growing as a team. Growing as an organization. Growing your bottom-line. One way to grow is by improving the experience your stakeholders have with your brand. One way to improve the experience is to increase your quality of life so that you and your team shows up in a more loving, compassionate, and vulnerable way. In doing so, the first people that feel that will be your stakeholders. Notice the direct connection between wellness and your bottom-line.

Start with yourself. Check in with yourself. What are your ways of being? How do you feel? Pay attention and notice who you already are.

Simplify your life. It’s an effective path for this journey. The more you complicate your needs, the more stress you put yourself in pursuit of those needs – and the more stress you put on the planet as well.

Wonder not about yourself, but what it must be like to be her. The universe. To wonder is to pay attention and notice the world as she opens herself to you. It’s through this process do you begin to have the capacity for deeper relationships that are built on love, healthy boundaries, and stronger social bonds.

Listen to people and receive their shares in totality. Something magical happens when you begin the process of being with other people’s emotions and sharing space with their energy. When you hold space to allow those experiences to wash over you you will notice a deep sense of empathy and compassion for yourself begin to develop.

Find the others who believe what you believe. Cultivate these relationships one-on-one with strangers and new connections to find the others who believe what you believe. Invite other stakeholders into the mix through gatherings of future facing conversations coming from a place of possibility.

Move through this process to discover the unmet needs. Ask questions. Listen to what’s not being said. Reflect in your journal and reflect with the people you gather with to share what’s coming up. What’s it like? What’s missing? How might you support one another? What do they see?

Together, begin to co-create value to serve the needs. This may take shape in the form of events, conversations, a listening ear, relationships, workshops, courses, new features to existing products, new companies and organizations.

Gain a deep sense of yourself to move beyond your ego to come to a place where you have something to give back. When we all work together the possibilities are limitless.

We don’t always know what we need. Not at first, at least. It’s often the step before the doing that many miss.

It’s about raising your vibration, elevating your consciousness, and radiating at a higher frequency as a human being. Through getting elevation on what’s going on internally, you become aligned with what you manifest externally.

This post inspired one of the episodes on the podcast, Expression of Humanity.