On-Demand Coaching

$2,500/month or $200/hour


  • Purpose: Start with WHY
  • Mindset adjustments
  • Core values extraction
  • Vision roadmap
  • Strategic roadmapping
  • Evolving value propositions
  • Cultural alignment and shared vision buy-in
  • Competitive analysis
  • Innovation partnerships across sectors

Know Your Customer

Gain an empathetic understanding of your customer by working through a few short exercises such as Proto Persona, Empathy Map, Value Proposition, and Business Model Canvas. In today’s economy, you must revisit these exercises periodically throughout the year to ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

Relationship-Driven Customer Journey

The buyer’s journey was once finite, and driven by transactions. Today, however, the buyer is no longer considered a buyer. We are all people attempting to establish long-lasting, trusting relationships with one another. That is where we must start – regardless of the path or profession we are in, that is where it begins – with no ending – for all of us.

Customer Experience Design

Start with an unsolvable problem that a customer faces today, define the userflow to understand the series of actions she will take to bring herself through the process of acquiring a solution. Paper and pencil low-fidelity wireframes for each page of the flow are included. Digital design high-fidelity wireframes for main experience pages are also included.

Keyword Research

Set of five (5) highest competition keywords that your industry competes for, 10 longtail less competitive keywords, and a business listing template outlining title of business, description of business, services provided, and contact information of the business. You’ll want all of that information in one easy-to-access document that is near

Content Map

Visually outline the journey, each step of the journey, a customer experiences as they go from learning of an unsolved problem all the way to the part when they tell friends and family how great your solution has been for that problem. Break it down into three phases, and place the keywords associated with each phase into their appropriate section

7-Day Editorial Calendar

Based on high-level marketing goals and objectives, I define an editorial strategy in a detailed calendar so that you know what to post, when to post, and to where to post.

Blog Post Copywriter

I begin writing immediately to ensure you receive a first draft of the outline to review within 24 hours. Once we agree and finalize outline, it became easier to work together.

Blog Post Title, Excerpt, Keyword, and URL

Save new blog post topics as drafts in your WordPress dashboard. Simply login to your WordPress site, navigate to a post that is already created and started. Finish the post, publish it, or schedule it for another time according to your editorial calendar.

Landing Page

I design one landing page and bring it live to host one offer to be given to a visitor upon conversion through a form. Includes copywriting for the page, automatic follow up email, and thank you page

Pre-Written Tweets

I write a list of 10 tweets with a URL and hashtag ready to be used as needed

Shareable Graphic

I design one shareable square-shaped graphic with each side measuring 840px ie: a quote overtop a relevant, high-resolution image:

Business Listing Content Template

The business listing template mentioned in the Keyword Research product is also available on its own, as an individual product.


The Jobs to be done framework by Clayton Christiansen provides direct insight into the potential value propositions that you will turn into products, programs, and other experiences for your customers

Feedback Loop

Establish an open line of communication with your customer from day one so that you may source the inspiration you’ll need to stay at the front of your industry. Make a point of encouraging your customers to think about the challenges she faces throughout the day, and in her life. Help her use her imagination to come up with, “I wish there was an easier way to do xyz…”

Your customer should know that you exist to invent those solutions which have yet to be invented. Unless you want a me-too product. In which case, this process is not for you.

Idea to Impact Package

Turn your back-of-the-napkin sketch into a fully functional platform that generates revenue from paying customers interested in your solutions. Save $750 when you buy all three of the below items at once.

Pencil Sketch Prototype

Decide whether to invest in an initial design that we can share with potential users. This may be on the “back of napkin” to show your friends to see what initial thoughts are, and even so, don’t be discouraged by the first individuals you share it with. I would seek second opinions for all validation-related processes.

Minimum Viable Product MVP

Maximize learning through experiments to figure out the most effective way to provide a customer with a pain-relieving solution that she will come back to use regularly as her life eventually evolves towards a dependency on the product due to its rapid ability to solve problems that previously took days to solve. Now they take a few hours, if not only a few minutes.


Selling products and services through an updated and perhaps more robust improved version of the MVP using simple ecommerce plugins and add-ons.

Splash Page

One web page presenting the minimum viable experience to test our initial assumptions about the positioning, messaging, and iterate towards the optimal solution. Page contains platform value proposition, examples of problems it will solve for investors, and a form to join now. After form submission, investor is able to set personalization preferences: types of content, topics, and an open form field for the investor to tell us about their current challenges.

Growth Hack

Immediately after submitting the above form, we present the investor with the option to “Jump ahead in the waiting line for the beta”. We provide the investor with a one-click seamless sharing feature that allows her to share the splash page on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn in exchange for jumping to the front of the line (or some other awesome incentive)


Automatic text-based (no image or colors) email response to investors who signup on the splash page. The investor will open the email and think it was hand-written specifically for her. It will be from Ted. The email will gently ask the investor if she would reply to the email to let Ted know why she signed up – what was it about the platform that got her attention. (let’s figure out the best messaging that enables us to start a continuous dialogue with each investor who signs up.

Customer Kits

Maximize your learning by leveraging these kits on your own, with your team, and with your customers. Always be learning. Always improving. Always asking questions.


  • Purpose: Why does [name of your company] exist? Why do you do what you do?
  • Vision: What change do you want to see in the world? How are you involved in realizing that change?
  • Values: Which 4-5 values are core to the fabric of [name of your company]?
  • Story: What story do you want people to tell about [name of your company]?
  • Problems: What are the top three problems you hope to solve?
  • Solutions: Briefly outline a possible solution for each, thus turning each problem into an opportunity
  • Early Adopters: Who are most likely your early evangelists? (early adopters, people with enough capital/trust/risk to give you a shot)
  • Value Proposition: What will [name of your company] offer these early evangelists?


  • How to Create Community
  • Building Social Capital
  • Establishing Trust
  • Sew Yourself into the Cultural Fabric


  • Goal Setting
  • Smart Objectives
  • Strategic Scope
  • Milestones
  • Deliverables
  • Indicators


  • Monitoring vs Managing
  • Strategic Plan
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Finding Your Voice
  • Self-Reporting Grid
  • 10-Slide Powerpoint
  • 3-D Ebook Cover