14 Steps to Setup Shopify Shop

I stole this list from Shopify, but it was inside a 5,000 word case study – so, you’re welcome.

If you start now, you can sell your first item within 90 minutes. You’ll have to go fast for 90 minutes, but you get my point. So if you do the 90 minute thing you should prob do another quick run through once you get to the end and you start marketing. Just to keep fuel in the engine, right?

Setup Shopify Shop

Oh, and if you plan it out right, you can make your first sale before the day is over.

Might sound crazy, but it is the truth. I will say, each step requires its own framework. So to speak.

If you see an item such as “create blog content”, first of all, don’t skip it just because you think for some odd reason you are the only person on the planet who doesn’t have to write blog posts. Ya got god’s gift syndrome. Wake up!

Second of all, get a minimum of one post on the blog prior to launch. As your marketing is underway you can circle back to the blog to clean it up and tie any loose ends on the content.

setup cashflow with Shopify

If you stick with one post make sure it is incredibly long and detailed so your customer has something to read when they be like, “Who the f is this clown?” They’ll move their little mouse pointer clicker to the corner of your site looking for the “About” page or “Contact” page or something. You better have something for them to click on, learn from, and engage them enough to influence a small bit of trust between them and you. If they trust you, they trust the business. If they can’t find you, they won’t trust the business.

And, go:

  1. Determine what to sell
  2. Select an appropriate business model
  3. Source a supplier
  4. Order samples
  5. Determine pricing
  6. Create the brand
  7. Set up the online store
  8. Take product photos
  9. Create blog content
  10. Set up social accounts
  11. Launch
  12. Test multiple marketing channels
  13. Drive targeted traffic
  14. Make sales

Setup Shopify Shop

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