This ReadMe is a living and breathing document. It’s designed to provide you with cultural insights regarding how to we might best align with one another.

It starts with your people. Your team. Culture comes first.

I take care of the people who take care of our customers.

Read on to gain a preliminary understanding of the alignment of my work and life, the core values which drive my behaviors, and the professional environments I tend to thrive in. It may help to explore my framing of the new operating model as well. It’s where I unpack the future of work in a handful of 30-60 second videos.

Similar to the assumptions we make about a product or market or unsolved problem, we also make assumptions about people. Personally, I make assumptions about people and populations I have yet to interact. My hope is that by sharing transparent access to my strengths, weaknesses, previous successes and failure, we can avoid roadblocks that prevent us from realizing our potential together. I also want you to have the insights required to make actionable decisions that benefit your organization. If the culture doesn’t seem to fit, no harm done.