Domain Names

  • Registrar: Network Solutions
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: 8664922244
  • Address: 1099 Wall St W Ste 100, Lyndhurst, NJ 07071

Web Hosting

  • Platform: Wix

Next Steps

If you want to change what you see when you type into a web browser, there are two options available. You only need to select one of the following, not both.

  1. Edit the existing site on Wix. To do so, you may need to go through the Wix Account Recovery process. If you get control of the site, then you can select any of the Wix templates for Coming Soon pages. This is not a sustainable solution to your near future needs – and forever needs of the business, but it is an option nonetheless.
  2. Build a new site using a new account on Wix or WordPress or with me at, and when the coming soon page is setup, simply speak to your IT department to let them know you are switching web hosting companies. I will provide you with a new IP address to give to your IT department who will then setup an A Record in the DNS of your domain name so that when you type into a web browser it will show the new site
    1. Network Solutions – this is where your domain names live
      1. Username & Password: Using the email address, you can retrieve the Username and Password


Go with #2.