GoPro: fast-forward video tour of the plant as a garment

  • Next Steps: use a storyboarding tactic to map out “scenes” of this video on paper and pencil. After you sketch out one draft of the sequential scenes of your vision for this video, share the storyboard with a team member. Ask them for feedback as you walk them through your thought process and show them the pictures you sketched. Listen to their feedback, incorporate the best improvements, and sketch a second draft of the storyboard. Continue to show team member, customers, partners, etc until you’re confident in doing an actual shoot. Once you have the video footage (which doesn’t need to be perfect because we can edit it in production) you can send it to me or another video editor to help you produce the short video(s)

Infographic: How it Works / Our Process

  • Next Steps:

Thought Leadership: How to buy the best sheets

  • Next Steps: If you’d like me to map out more instructions, please let me know (my cell 347-746-5051).

Low-Hanging Fruit: Poor Reviews of Competitor’s Guests

  • Trip Advisor has quite a few hotel guests complaining about the damage caused to their garments from the hotel dry cleaning services. Might be a good place to dig around a bit for a hungry sales person.

New Customers

  • Transactions
  • Invoices & Billing
  • Welcome Series

Existing Customers

  • Ask for Feedback (ie: how might we improve your experience?)
  • Incentivize as needed


  • Invoice Delivery
  • Automated Welcome Email Series

End-to-End Customer Experience

  • If you plan to create GoPro videos and infographics and send out newsletters then you should first make sure to seal up any cracks in your exiting sales funnel. Don’t make the mistake of investing time and money into marketing and design that drives people to a non-converting website or perhaps doesn’t do anything aside from existing as a piece of content.
  • Each piece of content must be used strategically and with a specific purpose of influencing a prospect or customer to feel an emotion which causes the person to take an action – a specific call to action that we intentionally placed for your customer at that very moment.