I build due diligence platforms for startup ecosystems.

Standardize your investment strategy using technology to scale your impact and mitigate risk.

Customer Persona

  • Who is the customer?
  • What problem do you solve for the customer?
  • How old is your customer?
  • What is her marital status?
  • Does she have children?
  • What does she get rewarded for at her job?
  • When does she get
  • What does she do for fun, outside of the hotel?
  • What do you do when she gives your feedback?

Acquisition / Retention

  • How many customers do you have right now?
  • How many new customers do your acquire per month?
  • What is the monthly churn rate?
  • What is the average cost to acquire a customer?
  • What is the lifetime value of a customer?
  • How does a prospect become a customer?
  • After a prospect becomes a customer, what happens next?
  • What type of feedback (positive/negative) do you receive from customers?
  • How do you store, manage, and act on customer feedback?
  • Do you notice any common themes of customers who churn out?