A preincubator to create assets that serve your own needs.

An intention of this message is to prime you for an experience launching soon. Ethos, pathos, logos, and kairos are the ways I will attempt to appeal to your attention.

Ethos (ethics)

A Fortune 100 company invited me to earn my financial designations through them. I started two weeks ago, and take my first two exams this week. One intention for this professional development is to create regulated investment vehicles by unlocking underutilized potential.

Logos (logic)

2,700 learners signed up for my last program to launch ventures that impact the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Pathos (emotion)

My next program is built upon my life (same as the previous program), and is designed upon a similar curriculum base.

Kairos (opportunity)

I have the scaffolding for the curriculum and experience. I will design the adaptive curriculum with you, as usual. Perhaps it can unlock the next steps of your life, neighborhoods, communities, and companies.

Thank you.

Daniel Peter D’Alonzo

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