Daniel D'Alonzo

Experience designer, coach, and consultant.

Hi, I'm Daniel. I empower leaders to grow purpose-driven companies. Culture comes first. Read my story.

I am also the founder of several impact projects: Cooperative Impact, Action Horizon Institute, The Resilient Ones, and Prethinc.

Learn more about my style, philosophy, and personality.

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Name: Daniel D’Alonzo

URL: https://danieldalonzo.com

Location: Princeton, NJ

Languages: Broken English

Availability: Virtual, In-person




Purpose: open myself up to deeper human connection

Vision: To live in a world I create for myself. To design my own future. To carve out a place for myself in the new economy.

Goals: What is your desired outcome?

Plan: What are the milestones along the journey?

Research What technology, people, activities must you experience?

Evaluation (desired outcomes, behaviors, actions, incentives, etc)


Accomplishments (academic, research, presentations, publications, teaching, etc)

Transferrable Skills (gained from previous)

Professional Experiences (volunteer, internship, job, etc)


Expertise (competencies are a set of behaviors that describe excellent performance in a particular work context; a bundle of skills)

Work Environments (types of businesses ie nonprofit, government, etc)

Special Strengths (differentiators ie approach to a problem or certifications etc)

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