Innovation Part III: Vision

I am writing the Book on Innovation. This is part three: vision. I am intentionally withholding critical information to give you a reason to buy my book.

Draft Completed: 2:21pm on January 20th 2019 at Starbucks on Nassau Street in Princeton, NJ 08542

In Innovation Part II, we began this process by focusing on oneself. We understand the culture design of an organization, team, or community begins long before a product is designed, a customer is targeted, and a business entity is formed.

Innovation Part III Cover by Daniel DAlonzo

As we move into the third part of this series on innovation, we will transition into the phase of aligning our cohesive team with the unsolvable problems for which we will co-create solutions.


Here is an outline of the phase-driven progression:

  • Vision Canvas by Daniel D’Alonzo
  • Empathy Map by Daniel D’Alonzo
  • Proto-Persona by Daniel D’Alonzo
  • Value Proposition Canvas by Alex Ostewalder
  • Circular Customer Journey by Daniel D’Alonzo
  • Vision Roadmap by Taylor Westcoatt

I simply thread together various exercises from around the web, some have been adopted into my own variation, and some have been directly adopted from their makers.

In the age of disruption, there is no longer a singular value proposition. Alex Ostewalder’s Value Proposition Canvas requires revision. Eric Ries pulled the trigger to quickly on his recent book, Startup Way.

To be a flexible organization capable of shaping the emerging future means predicting, to an extent, the evolving needs of our customers and partners. These insights are uncovered through an intelligently threaded feed of data which empowers us with the autonomous discovery of innovation opportunities.

Today’s needs will be different from tomorrow. However, the demand to have a deep, empathetic understanding of our people remains true.

Vision Canvas by Daniel D’Alonzo

To set the stage, I drafted the ‘vision canvas’.

vision canvas by Daniel DAlonzo
The above sketch is the third iteration, and will continue to evolve as I complete this book. It is comprised of the holistic process of aligning your individual purpose with your complimentary team, and, ultimately, with the most unsolvable problems your customer currently faces.

Empathy Map by Daniel D’Alonzo

The Empathy Mapping Canvas is an explorative exercise you can begin right now, on your own, and continuously with your team and your customers – sometimes in the same room, and other occasions separately.

Use this exercise to begin the process of ‘discovery’ by gaining a deep, empathetic understanding of your people.

Empathy Map by Daniel DAlonzo

Learn more about the Empathy Mapping Canvas.

Proto-Persona by Daniel D’Alonzo

Continue the process of getting to know your customer through ethnographic, qualitative research.

Proto Persona by Daniel DAlonzo

Fill in her goals, behaviors, traits, and, eventually, her unmet needs. Are her behaviors inline with her goals? Are her traits complimentary?

Learn more about the Proto-Persona process.

Value Proposition Canvas by Alex Ostewalder

Through a collaborative process of continuous experimentation, make incremental progress forward.

Value Proposition Canvas by Alex Ostewalder

There are no mistakes. No failures. There are only investments in the process – the lifelong learning process to discover what works, and what does not.

Learn more about the Value Proposition Design process.

Circular Customer Journey by Daniel D’Alonzo

As you collect more data from more sources (feedback loop, automated discovery of relevant content published on the web, team conversations, etc) you are able to carefully nurture your customer from A (“I have a problem”) to B (“I learned how to create my own solution and now I have the capabilities, confidence, and agency to design my own future.”).

Circular Customer Journey by Daniel DAlonzo

The customer journey is no longer linear. It is continuous, never-ending, and requires an immersive investment.

Learn more about the Customer Journey process.

Vision Roadmap by Taylor Westcoatt

The roadmap needed to achieve our audacious goals – to overcome our most adverse challenges – we now have.

As a result of the steps we’ve gone through, we simply fill-in-the-blanks.

Vision Roadmap by Taylor Westcoatt

At the start of each day, you can simply step inside of your vision, instantly.

  • Goal: Where are going?
  • Customer: Who are we bringing with us?
  • Timeline: When will we arrive?
  • Milestones: How will we know we have arrived?

Step right into it. Go get it.

Good luck.

Daniel D’Alonzo

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