Innovation Part II: Culture Design

This is the second post of this series. The first, Innovation Part I, is comprised of the foundational elements that we build upon in this post.

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Growing purpose-driven organizations that shape the future requires that we take care of the people who take care of our customers. Share your vision with one another through an on-going dialogue about the future – a future of which you will imagine, create, and live.

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We shall build civilizations together.

Culture Design

  • Self: Who am I? What is my purpose?
  • Team: Who else out there is inline with my purpose, or, perhaps compliments, my individual purpose?
  • Organization: How might we build the capabilities to work together for the long-haul?
  • Problems (Opportunities): What unsolvable problems (climate? equity?) are we deeply passionate about solving first?
  • Customers: Who experiences the impact of this unsolvable problem? How might we nurture those individuals through the process of becoming self-aware of their individual behavior which may have a significant role in the perpetuation of the problem’s existence?
  • Solutions: How might we collaborate, imagine, and, hopefully, co-create the solutions to this problem


Designing the culture of an organization, a team, or a community begins long before a product is designed, a customer is targeted, or a problem is framed.

culture design self

Indeed, we live in a customer-centered economy. However, in order to have the self-awareness to act without ego we must begin this lifelong learning journey to improve the human condition from within ourselves.

Discover your individual purpose in the world. Have the conviction to live with confidence in your steps. Surrender yourself to the mastery of your craft. For it is only with these ingredients will you manufacture the perseverance to push through the hardest times. Love your work to your inner core to overcome the adversity that would cause a “normal” or “sane” person to give up.

You already have everything you could ever need to begin climbing to the mountain top.

By starting right now, today, on the self, you will have initiated a process of designing the culture of your teams, and, eventually, the next organization that will shape our future.


Reflective Journaling Exercise

“Champagne Moments”

Have you ever watched the Stanley Cup Finals? At the end of the final game, the winning team is crying, hugging, loving, champagne is spraying, and it is tangibly evident to us that this team has arrived. They made a commitment to one another that they would show up everyday to work towards this visionary place in the future.

Prompt: Now, I ask you, what’s your champagne moment?


“Start with why because people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” -Simon Sinek


Conversations are the cornerstone of innovation.

culture design self to team

Leverage the subtle, nuanced power of conversation to transition from the SELF to the TEAM. Find team alignment, compliments, and supplements to your purpose, strengths, and weaknesses.

Good luck.

Daniel D’Alonzo

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