Happy Startup Canvas

Each step of this journey is intentional.

Happy Startup Canvas

The Happy Startup Canvas is where I pulled the questions used in the Startup DNA exercise. I intentionally isolated the questions from the canvas so that your mind would have to think through the ambiguous nature of answering each question. This requires you to use your imagination which fosters creative thought. The more you thought about the answers, the more you “exercised” that creative problem-solving parts of your brain.

There are no “right” or “wrong” answers. The answer you provide to a question is the first of many steps to follow. The collaborative process of combining answers, categorizing them, and assigning value to the team’s holistic responses is where we’re going with all of this.

The act of trying, trying again, and working together to arrive at a new way of thinking about the organization and our roles is a success all on its own. The process of thinking together – functioning together – these are outcomes that matter.

If you are interested in learning more about the canvas, as well as other canvases that exist for various problem-solving needs of an organization please see below.

Do Your Own Happy Startup Canvas

Happy Startup Canvas by Laurence McCahill

What’s your startup’s DNA?

The Happy Startup Canvas is a foundation-building visual tool to be used as the initial assembly and conversation point for making the DNA of your organization. The name says it all: Start a business from scratch that creates and engages all stakeholders within the context of business awareness and social outreach.

Meant to be a starting point for creating the DNA of your organization. It’s not meant to replace the business model canvas (lean canvas if that’s your preference). Rather we see it as a way to pin down who you are and what you stand for before worrying about everyone else. We believe that if more startups clearly communicated their core values and purpose they would be more successful. We hope this will help you to be one of those companies – a happy startup.

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