Dispute Resolution Center

While the vast majority of my work goes smoothly for both parties, it’s inevitable that an occasional dispute arises. We created the Dispute Resolution Center to protect consultants from clients who fail to pay for work delivered. We found that there are also times when the client may have a dispute as well.

Dispute filed by the Consultant

As a consultant, I may file a dispute under the following circumstances:

  1. A client fails to release a milestone payment despite delivery of work
  2. A client ends the job with an escrow balance

In either case, the client will be notified and given the chance to accept the dispute and release the funds, or reject the dispute and enter mediation.

Dispute filed by the Client

As a client, you may file a dispute as well.

If the accuracy or completeness of an invoice is in question, you are able to file a dispute by starting the process with the following form. The dispute may be in the form of a discrepancy showing that something might not be true or accurate with the invoice/billing document that may result in the delay of payment. Disputes must be filed within 21 calendar days from the date I first received the payment and/or you received the invoice.

Upon receiving the dispute within the 21 calendar days, you will receive a written response within the following 7 calendar days with either an adjustment to satisfy your request, or an invitation to mediation.

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