Design sprint case study by Daniel D'Alonzo

Working to bring an end to childhood obesity

How I helped strengthen the partnership between 200+ organizations and an all-star celebrity team led by Jessica Alba.


Agency with 600+ employees + $110M yearly revenue


Design sprints, strategy, and prototyping


Sitemap, userflow, lo-fidelity wireframes


My client was hired by the Partnership for a Healthier America to work on their FNV initiative. To identify the problem we were solving, I facilitated a whiteboard session with the Account Executive. This provided me with context of the project landscape.

My client developed a partnership agreement with national food suppliers which stated that food suppliers would increase access to their food supply so that more people could enjoy healthy options, regardless of income-level. In exchange, my client would include the food suppliers as cobranded partners and provide them with strategic marketing assets from the celebrity driven campaign, FNV. As partner organizations grew to over 200+, it became more difficult to manage relationships and expectations.

Specific improvements can be made to prevent scenarios and are recommended in the solution framework outlined below.



Building on the roadmap outlined in the previous section, the next step was for me to design the deliverables my client would show their client. The client would need to work with their client to get approval on the solution. Before investing too many resources into a solution that hasn't been approved by the user, we started with a few of the basics: sitemap, userflows, and lo-fidelity wireframes.

We were able to work through several iterations in-person, the agency was able to get initial feedback from their client, and by the time I left the agency's office we were 75% complete. When I left that evening, all I had to do was turn the paper/pencil sketches of the approved userflows and approved wireframes into digital designs for a cleaner presentation.