Defensive publishing is about telling your story and documenting your process

Leverage defensive publishing to establish prior art of new innovations by simply telling your story and documenting your process.
This is a short post about telling your story and documenting the process as a way to establish prior art in any new innovation you may be working on.
People often ask me why I share my sketches on social media:

  • content marketing
  • intellectual property

I wrote about this topic from a different angle a few years ago. Read my post on social enterprise competitive analysis.

Intellectual Property

As we move forward in this American life, it will become increasingly more difficult to establish your ideas. This is for various reasons, but mostly because of an inability to manage our personal data properly. Emails. Texts. Phone calls. If managed properly, our sketches, wireframes, diagrams, and all other personal data can be leveraged to establish our ideas and innovations as we work hard to build the foundation of our new economy. However, at the same time, there is another end of this spectrum. Just as our data can be used as leverage for our personal success, it is also susceptible to exploitation if not managed properly.

Content Marketing

Good marketing is about providing a window for your customers to look inside the way you do business. What makes you authentically different from Jane and John down the street? It does not matter if you are an innovator working on the bleeding edge of tomorrow, or you are a social media manager for an insurance agency in New Jersey. It doesn’t matter if you are younger or older or somewhere in the middle.
As Hugh MacLeod says,

“There are a lot of people – not just people in authority – who are eager to derail your plan.”

I cite Hugh MacLeod in this regard a little over six years ago in a post about innovative ideas.

What is Defensive Publishing

“Defensive publishing is the intentional and purposeful publication of innovation into the public domain. It is a cost-effective intellectual property strategy consisting of disclosing aspects of your invention so it becomes prior art, precluding others from obtaining a patent on your idea.”

Defensive publishing is a strategic tool used to establish new inventions as rightfully my own. Simply document the process and tell the story to establish my prior art of a new invention.
Bring purpose to those Instagram stories and Snapchats.

If it feels like you are working on something new and exciting, but nobody seems to understand what you are talking about that is alright. Keep working on it. Don’t let others derail your plan. I love this quote from Moneyball,
Keep up the hard work.