Champagne Moments

Champagne Moments is an exercise to extract the abstract vision from your mind.

The purpose is to visualize your vision as you begin to articulate it – make it tangible – make it so real that it inspires those around you into action.

Champagne Moments

Have you seen the Stanley Cup Finals?

Have you noticed how obvious it is when a team has won the Stanley Cup Finals?

Stanley Cup Finals champagne moments

There is champagne spraying everywhere. Emotions are soaring. People are crying. It is a remarkable sight.

The winning team is comprised of dedicated individuals who came together under a shared vision. They worked hard for 12 months, and it is obvious that this team has arrived to their destination.

What’s your champagne moment?

How might you begin to articulate your destination? How might you clarify your champagne moment so you can carve out the path – blaze the trail – to realize your vision?

The Champagne Moments exercise, along with a few others that help unlock a fixed mindset by exercising our imagination, may be a helpful place to start when designing a new business model for your organization.


I am a global design coach for IDEO, and one of the students I worked with last year was “stuck”.

I recommended that she map the entire ecosystem of people, institutions, flows of communication, exchanges of value, and everything else that exists in the ecosystem of her project. This doesn’t turn water into wine, but it allows the mind to breath. It brings organization to the thoughts taking up space in our mind.

The next morning, the student sent me this:

openIDEO ecosystem design

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