Champagne Moments

Champagne Moments is an exercise to extract the abstract vision from your mind.

Here’s a quick video from my Instagram profile that talks about this concept one more time for you.

The purpose is to visualize your vision as you begin to articulate it – make it tangible – make it so real that it inspires those around you into action. This is a helpful “goal setting” exercise.

Stanley Cup Finals champagne moments

Champagne Moments

Have you seen the Stanley Cup Finals? The team that wins is popping bottles of champagne all over the place.

That team worked hard for 12 months, and it is obvious that this team has arrived to their destination.

What’s your champagne moment?

I am wondering what details you could describe that are similar to the Stanley Cup Finals outcomes. There is no confusion regarding which team won, what the competition was, etc. Your vision – your goals – should also be that finite and clearly understood by anyone peering in from the outside at any given moment.

The Champagne Moments exercise, along with a few others that help us unlock our fixed mindsets and use our imagination, might be useful to “juggle” as you think through – unpack – design a new societal system that meets your standards.


I am a global design coach for IDEO, and one of the students I worked with last year was stuck at a similar place that many find themselves stuck. When you have a big vision in your mind it can become quite difficult to think clearly – you have all that stuff going on up there.

A helpful first step – or a helpful early step – is to map the entire ecosystem of people, institutions, flows of communication and value, and everything else that exists in the society, city, or local economy that you wish to bring relief. Here’s a screenshot of the student who mapped her ecosystem in one evening, and this simple (and fun!) exercise cracked open her potential and project. She was off to the races after that. It’s like, in order to begin rearranging components of society, we must be able to look and touch and move them around. Right?

openIDEO ecosystem design

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