Build an engaged email subscriber list

Chris Brogan says, “We live and we die by our email list.”

If you plan to generate revenue through the web, your email list is the only thing which can do that for you on a sustainable basis, forever.

Without this one component locked down, each and every other initiative you are presently running is only taking you further away from restarting this process from the correct place. Get it over with, and start properly today so you can enjoy the rest of your life.

Patience is key. Learn to take your time with the many steps involved and give care to each of those steps and all of their details. Grow your list the right way. Do not rent access to an external email list. Do not purchase a list of “leads”. Do not share lists. This style of cutting corners is highly frowned upon in the industry. If succeeding online was as easy as buying a list of emails wouldn’t you think more people would be internet millionaires? Your idea that you came up with to circumvent the way things are done will only damage your brand, deter potential customers away from you, and result in the customer neglect that has existing customers leaving you for a more attentive, respectful option.

Here are a few thoughts to help think about how you might build, grow, and manage your engaged email list

  • Create multiple opportunities for email sign-up
  • Optimize your opt-in pages
  • Send a stellar welcome email
  • Develop valuable email content
  • Provide an email preference center
  • Focus on email deliverability

More to come soon. For now, one of the items above on your own. Just focus on one item at a time. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself bouncing around the web for a few hours with nothing getting accomplished at the end. Focus!