My vision is to live in a world where business, education, government, and technology work cooperatively in the community to design a sustainable way of life. I work alongside cross-sector stakeholders to co-design programs, products, and services that support the shared vision of the ecosystem.

“Daniel is a unique visionary. Empathetic, sensitive and resourceful, he leads through facilitation. His programs are always built around the concept of getting the right people to participate. I look forward to seeing his initiatives work for the good of society. -Vijay Chakravarthy, Industrial Designer Society of America (IDSA)

I’ve contributed to ecosystems in New Jersey, Washington, D.C., and preparing to rollout in New York City as we speak. There are four phases to our inclusive innovation methodology: humanity, community, incubation, impact.


We start with an ethnographic immersion into the city to sew ourselves into the cultural fabric. We attend existing events, cultivate deep and meaningful relationships with stakeholders, and show up to learn what’s going on.


Through internal and external discovery, we develop partnerships with institutions and organizations to roll out a series of grassroots activation events such as Founder’s Way with WeWork, and Side Project Saturdays with General Assembly at 1776 DC.


This grows into more immersive programming such as New Jersey’s first-ever social innovation conference and the postsecondary social enterprise curriculum we standardized in Princeton, scaled to three Rutgers campuses, and serves as a model for reimagining higher education. Here’s a press write-up from Generocity on the social enterprise ecosystem we built in Princeton, NJ.


Using what we learn from the cross-sector stakeholder collaboration, we built a sustainable business model through innovation consulting for modern enterprises. We provide transformation coaching, consulting, and service design to agencies so they can offer similar experiences and outcomes to their clients.


We built our inclusive innovation methodology into a technology platform. It allows an enterprise to standardize innovation into a scaleable process. Users quickly launch new innovation opportunities to build an innovation portfolio. It’s been used to scale the distribution of investments to RIAs by an alternative investment asset manager, an agency standardized MVPs and beta frameworks to quickly clone and re-use as bases for new projects, and Prethinc is currently using the platform to place small bets on early-stage innovators in the tri-state area by providing them with the technology and strategic infrastructure to launch fast.



Undergraduate Courses

Rutgers University – New Brunswick, NJ

  • Co-Instructor w/ SAS Honors Dean Matt Matsuda, Introduction to Entrepreneurship (2012)
  • Instructor, Marketing Consulting for Small Business (2011)
  • Instructor, New Media Composition: Sustainable Cities (2010)
  • Instructor, Digital Media Lab Independent Study (2010)
  • Instructor, Civic Engagement with Service Projects (2010)

Presentations for academia, foundations, and the local community

Annie E. Casey Foundation Kids Count Summit, Denver, Colorado | Presented two workshops: “Strengthening Public Policy Reform with New Media Projects”, and “Influencing Change with Online Content”

School of Arts and Sciences Honors College, Rutgers University | Presented the 18-month acceleration process of how I transformed my Rutgers Diploma into a business that generated over $150,000 during my talk titled, “Design Your Own Future”. Also, separately, presented visual design of web app prototype multisided platform to act as a facilitation tool between a micro lending organization in New Brunswick and the small business community in which it served

Department of Human Ecology, Rutgers University | Presented two-part workshop of case studies, internet marketing methodologies, and hands-on application working one-on-one with student groups building marketing campaigns for

New Jersey Writer’s Alliance (NJWA), New Jersey | Presented the incubation process of following my idea as it evolved into a revenue generating enterprise laying the foundation for my career

Hub City Revival Documentary Screening, Tumulty’s, New Brunswick, NJ | Public screening with 100+ in attendance to watch a 60-minute film I produced over the course of three months with the New Brunswick resident-founded arts and music organization, Hub City Revival

City College of New York (CCNY), New York | Shared my personal story with undergraduates to provide relevant insights on building a career by leveraging technology in a new and meaningful way

Working with Early-Stage Innovators

Techstars, Curator 2015-2018 | Social Enterprise Startup Digest Curator for approx 6,000 global subscribers

IDEO, Global Design Coach 2017 | Provided an immersive, hands-on learning experience as one of the five global design coaches for the IDEO Design Challenge to Reimagine Higher Education

WeWork, Partner 2017 | Design experiential community events such as Thin Red Thread, Founder’s Way, and Side Project Sundays because it feels natural to sew myself into the cultural fabric of the community

Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University 2017 | Mentor MBA team from INSEAD Graduate School of Business competing against their peers for the Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Institute Challenge

Wolfpack 2015 | Mobile app prototype designed to prevent domestic violence

Hub City Revival, New Brunswick, NJ 2010 | 60-minute documentary of an all ages art and music event travelling from New Brunswick to Jersey City to Newark

Haiti Relief Benefit, New Brunswick, NJ 2010 | 4-minute video of benefit hosted to generate funding through the sale of artist’s original work

Middlesex County Board of Education, NJ 2010 | Filmed monthly board of education meetings to provide footage to parents unable to attend

ArtHouse, New Brunswick, NJ 2009 | Local artists and musicians transformed my home into an art gallery and music show

City Council, New Brunswick, NJ 2009 | Published videos of the bi-weekly city council meetings on hyperlocal newspaper

Ward Campaign, New Brunswick, NJ 2009 | 11-minute documentary about local activists working to change the form of government from an at-large city council to a ward-based council

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I surround myself with inspiring, self-motivated people who are committed to personal growth. I am currently working alongside grassroots innovators, founders, and entrepreneurial organizations over at Prethinc.

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