Designing Culture with a CEO

I nurtured the CEO through a change management process known as digital transformation.

Digital Transformation

Asset Manager Hires me to Solve 10 Problems in 10 weeks

Inspiring a new vision into the CEO helped us work towards designing a long-term strategic direction that would turnaround the organization. Inspiring the team into action under this new shared vision would happen simultaneously as the CEO got buy-in from each team member – making this new vision everyone’s shared vision.

To give you an idea of where we started the process:

Culture comes first.

I designed and implemented an investor-centric culture by leveraging Simon Sinek’s “WHY” concept. I worked one-on-one with the CEO for several evenings in a row to extract his personal core values, story, and purpose behind why he does what he does the way he does it.

To give you an idea of how I communicated with the CEO, here is a brief synopsis of how I implement my scalable approach to digital transformation to an asset management firm.

Based on the knowledge gaps discovered during the organizational assessment, I designed a strategic learning pathway for the CEO. This content would be comprised of specifically curated research from innovators like Steve Blank, Clayton Christensen, Sam Altman, Simon Sinek, Seth Godin, and others.

Once the CEO was confident in our ability to collaborate effectively, he gave me the green light to communicate with the entire asset management firm and the advisory board.


We stayed focused on solving problems.

This list is in no particular order. It includes the problems we diagnosed along with the solutions we prescribed.

Problem: Short-term strategic objectives as the organization pursued quarterly performance metrics for shareholders

Solution: Organizational culture redesign with an investor-centric, long-term approach based on a relationship-driven investor journey rather than a linear journey that is typically transactional with a finite start and stop point

Problem: “How might we implement a strategy to raise capital more effectively from the registered investment advisor (RIA) communities?”

Solution: Reframe the challenge from an empathetic understanding of the individual investor’s point of view: “How might I find the trusted educational sources to learn about the investment vehicles that connect with my investment appetite?”

Problem: Prospect email database of purchased leads

Solution: Organic list building initiative through engagement campaign + one-on-one conversations with existing investor network – nurture and court each person from the rolodex to the opt-in page

Problem: Graphic-heavy HTML emails

Solution: Responsive plain-text emails

Problem: Blind segmentation without persona development

Solution: Empathy mapping exercises with CEO

Problem: Email blasting messages to people who were unaware of the company’s existence

Solution: Personalized email auto responders based on the actions a user takes in a specific userflow

Problem: Offered higher-level offers to website visitors before low-level

Solution: Setup multiple conversion pathways for visitors to convert from low-level offers through higher-level, higher-commitment offers

Problem: Blasted email messages at potential customers based on the assumption those recipients of the messages were interested

Solution: Permission-based marketing strategy designed to build an audience of interested prospects who give permission, or “opt-in”, to receiving future messages

Problem: Inconsistency of responses from team during assessment phase

Solution: Organizational performance evaluation of existing knowledge gaps

Problem: Siloed internal departments communicated within themselves without cross-department communication

Solution: Transparency initiative to establish trust with an automated communication log to maximize new innovation opportunities moving forward

Problem: Hosting webinars without an audience, without documentation, and without a reason why they were taking place

Solution: Record webinars regardless of attendance rate so that we could use them in a personalized online learning platform to offer a “Netflix-like”, on-demand experience

These are just a few of the challenges we overcame together. In the future posts of this series, I will dive deeper into the cultural design, mindset adjustments, and shaping the new investor experience.

This post is part of a series of posts that began with the $40,000 LinkedIn Notification.

Do you have an interest in designing a new investor experience? Do you have an interest in establishing an investor-centric culture for your organization?

Reach out, anytime.

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