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Asset Manager

customer story

I was hired to lead the digital transformation of an asset management firm. These are the stories that describe each step of our inspiring journey.

Investor Experience Design

The new investor experience empowers us to focus on listening to the investor.

Asset Manager Digital Transformation

I nurtured the CEO through a change management process known as digital transformation.

The $40,000 LinkedIn notification

Now I think twice before ignoring a LinkedIn notification.

Fullstack designer streamlines due diligence with asset management microsite

Step-by-step playbook and blueprint of how to build an asset management firm due diligence microsite. UXD workflow and assets included.


  • Events Microsite
  • Personalized Email Automation
  • Ebook Production
  • Pitch Deck Design
  • Hub Microsite
  • Idea Log
  • Investor Experience Design
  • CEO Coaching
  • Digital Transformation
  • Start With WHY
  • Startup DNA
  • Happy Startup Canvas
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Strategic Learning Pathways
  • Ideal Customer Journey
  • Evolving Value Proposition
  • Vision Roadmap
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Beta MVP Microsite
  • Launch Strategy
  • Distribution Network (solves for the cross-sector stakeholders involved)

Gain and maintain THE EDGE to design creative solutions that satisfy stakeholder needs.