$40,000 LinkedIn Notification

Life is a draft process – just like this post. Expect daily improvements.

The president of a Princeton-based agency reached out to me on LinkedIn.

agency president LinkedIn

The initial message seemed legit, but LinkedIn notifications are notoriously misleading.

Naturally, I dismissed the message as spam.

I was also vacationing in Maine which made it even easier to overlook the importance of a potential LinkedIn inbound marketing lead.

Approximately three weeks later…

agency president LinkedIn consulting

He called me the next morning, September 26th.

September 28th, we met at his home office followed by lunch at a nearby restaurant.

October 3rd, he cut my first month’s retainer check.

Do you know what I like most about October 3rd? Yup, you guessed it. October 3rd is my birthday.

Over the next ten weeks, I would generate a little over $40,000.

This small dose of success validated a few assumptions I was operating on from the summer, and it let me know that I was moving in the right direction.

The first of many projects would be a microsite for the online and offline events hosted by an asset management firm.

Microsite for Asset Management Firm

Learn more about microsites and the use of microsite strategy in strategic marketing and growth-driven design.

Check out the playbook and blueprint of how I use microsites in financial services to streamline due diligence for an asset management firm.

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