15 Steps for CEO Jamie Dimon to Unleash Purposeful Profit into the World

This article is for you, Jamie Dimon. As the CEO of JPMorgan Chase you will make a significant impact on the next century. I’d like to be apart of it.

Jamie Dimon JPMorgan Chase

For those who don’t know, Jamie is one of 200 CEOs who signed the Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation.

Jamie, this is a step-by-step approach to unleash your purpose into the work you and your teams bring to the world. It’s what you do, before you do.

Each of the 15 headings listed below are followed by a quote. The quote is typed in first person for you. This is designed to provide you with a measurement that indicates when you successfully move from one step to the next.


“I am a change-ready CEO. I am ready to do whatever it takes.”

Authentic Leadership

“I want to learn and adopt the principles into my leadership style.”


“I work with a coach to discover my blindspots, and learn to step into my power. I notice a shift taking place in my natural state. I feel empowered with elevation.”


“I am here to listen and support all of you. I am here to take care of the people who take care of our customers.”


“I have ongoing essence conversations with every employee.”


“I self-impose daily practices to cultivate superpowers, raise my consciousness, and generate a higher vibration for humanity because it’s important to me that my words are aligned with my behavior.”

Lead by Example

“I am doing what is best for me, as a human. To observe the c-suite adopt the principles into their own leadership style and openly share the experience with their teams is meaningful.”


“It’s hard to believe we spent so much money trying to force change for all these years. We never seemed to get where we wanted to go. I am not even sure where we wanted to go. Making more money is easy. We were missing something deeper. I had no idea this was what we were missing. It’s about looking within to develop a sense of self, cultivate superpowers like compassion, vulnerability, empathy, and strengthen social ties across the c-suite. It unlocked my ability to act without ego.”


“I realize now that I was ill-equipped to serve the evolving needs of our customers and the employees within this organization. Once I had the humility to act without ego, I stepped into my power as a listening leader, partner, friend, and father.”


“This place has become so special to me. The teams are cohesive. People seem happy to be here. It feels like we are apart of something bigger than ourselves. It has me excited to get out of bed in the morning and feeling satisfied when I go home. I find myself in the flow-state more often and for longer periods of time. We are learning a lot from our customers and from one another. I look forward to seeing what new products and services we build next.”


“I am grateful to have Prethinc people on-site throughout the week to help build our capacity to be with one another, to hold space for our customers to share what’s going on for them, and to get on the path to grow on-purpose without a management consultancy getting in the way.”


“We began to apply the Prethinc methodology. Specifically, we are using the software to build interconnected employee networks for real-time conversations around customer feedback. As we discover latent needs, we are gaining the insights to run experiments for validating new products. We are finding that customers are more receptive of new products and services as a result of the ongoing relationship we have developed with them from day one. Putting the customer in a position of power enables us to co-create products and services together.”


“We rolled out the Prethinc Platform to a set of private beta testing employees from across design, engineering, support, and marketing. Employees are blown away at the opportunity to build new projects within the company which open the opportunity for mergers and acquisitions. Unlocking the ceiling of how much money they can make is inspiring creativity within our people. As employees discover opportunity to improve customer experience they have a platform to rapidly prototype new learning materials, new media creations, and come up with creative solutions to previously unsolved problems. It is a personalized approach to building brand value and customer loyalty.”


“Our beta testing employees generated 50+ new offers that were tested with customers and 20 of them were validated as desirable. We are now standardizing the 20 projects into our marketplace for company-wide access to pull from and use on-demand.”

Prethinc Paradigm

“Prethinc is what you do, before you do. Prethinc empowered us with a paradigm shift. We transformed the way we think, the way we listen, the way we show up, the way we work, and the way we serve. I see our employees unlocking their own potential. I am grateful to be apart of this. As the people grow, the organization grows. It’s hard to believe we’ve tried to grow the company without first providing the people within the company the tools to grow themselves.”

prethinc pamphlet

That’s all I have for now, Jamie. I am interested to hear your thoughts. May I please request that we schedule a time for a few minutes to chat in-person? I appreciate your time, and look forward to meeting soon.

Daniel D’Alonzo

My cell: 908-801-0005