"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man."

-George Bernard Shaw

I will continue to add previous projects and work experiences along with links to multimedia.

Previous Projects

  • Action Horizon Institute: Learn more about Action Horizon Institute, the postsecondary education in social entrepreneurship.
  • Cooperative Impact: I started this social innovation conference to create a platform for community members, nonprofit leaders, government officials, and local business owners to (1) share personal experiences about how they are building solutions to social problems in their local communities, and (2) develop ideas and next steps for building and launching new social innovations. Learn more about Cooperative Impact, the social innovation conference.
  • Princeton Impact Project: I started this community organization to establish a convening place for local residents to (1) meet like-minded people, (2) learn about projects happening in their city, and (3) discuss any challenges they may be encountering in their lives. Learn more about how the Princeton Impact Project is building a social enterprise ecosystem in New Jersey.
  • Princeton Boutique: I started this company to build the local economy in Princeton, NJ. As residents of Princeton shop for products and services on the internet they sometimes send their money outside of the city. This decreases the value of Princeton. Princeton Boutique is a local e-commerce mall where the local businesses are able to sell their products in one central location on the internet. Learn more about how Princeton Boutique is building the local economy.
  • Wolfpack: http://wolfpackus.wpengine.com
  • Founded Online Newspaper: my first business – the goal was to bridge town/gown relations between Rutgers and New Brunswick, 2009
  • Rutgers School of Social Work: 20 minute film on SHIP program, 2010
  • SFN Services: full-time job as marketing director, 2010-11
  • Lumina Foundation: 8 minute film on undocumented students, 2011
  • Rutgers Future Scholars Program: five individual films 2010-13
  • Eagleton Program on Immigration and Democracy: 7 minute film, 2011
  • Center on the American Governor: workshops on blogging, 2011
  • Founded Internet Marketing Agency: full-circle marketing service provider, 2011-2013
  • Annie E. Casey Foundation: 5 minute film companion to their Kids Count research, 2012
  • Kids Count Institute A.E.C.F.: workshops on digital advocacy, video editing, 2012
  • Honors Program at Rutgers: workshops and taught class on social entrepreneurship w/Dean (2012)
  • Amplification Project: director of digital strategy, 2012
  • Shine Global: website redesign, 2013
  • Decision Simulation in Health Care: 3 minute film, 2013
  • NextLevel Web Strategies: senior designer for lawyer marketing agency, 2013-14