Born and raised in Chester, New Jersey. I lived in a handful of states over the years. One thing, though, is that I have never left the United States. I would like to do that sometime before it’s all over.

It’s an interesting story how the last decade has unfolded. The last I enrolled in at Rutgers was an immersive pilot program that I randomly registered for just to finish my degree. They brought in an Emmy Award winning backpack video journalist to train the class in the new media composition, investigative journalism, etc. More importantly, for the sake of my life and future, these professors launched my career light years forward from where I was the few seconds prior to walking into that classroom on the first day.

We were in groups the entire course, and each group was assigned a social problem that existed in the local community. Once we were trained in using the new media technology they told us to spend the first two days inside, collecting research on the topic, saving it to their . machines, and going the stup firther

Once I was handed one of those beautiful video cameras and I heard the professor (who was also the previous chair of the english department) say to us, “Get out there and follow the money.” Who benefits from the problem staying the way it is today?

Interactions and Gestures

I’m behind on these two motions. Mostly because the core of all the projects I work on have way too much on their plate to start playing I discipline myself to stay away from those thing

. I don’t mean behind in behind in teaching myself how

While interaction and user flow design are some of my core strengths, you’ll often find me participating in a variety of cross-disciplinary activities including user research, stakeholder interviews, information architecture, content strategy, front end development, and even some audio production. It was my career goal, once upon a time, to be a record producer. Making music is still something I love to do, but is much more of a hobby at this point.

When it comes to work, I want to be involved in projects that I find challenging with people that inspire me.