We inhale life and exhale fire.

We inhale life and exhale fire.

Pencils of Promise

I spoke with Pencils of Promise yesterday.

Pencils of Promise (PoP) is a nonprofit organization that increases educational opportunities for children in developing countries. The title for this post is an excerpt from the mission statement of Pencils of Promise.

If you have been following along these past few weeks you know my product, Skilz, becomes available for early bird purchase beginning tomorrow morning at 7am.

After speaking with Pencils of Promise I decided to donate a portion of Skilz revenue to educating youth in developing countries. Pencils of Promise has a program that allows you to donate $25 to educate one child for the length of one year.

When you purchase the Skilz Total Package you not only receive the world’s first practical guide on turning your skills into products. A portion of your purchase is also used to educate a child for one year in a developing country.

I got Skilz badge

I am looking forward to working with you on your product 🙂