“Dan is one of the most dedicated mentors I’ve ever worked with.”

Josh Rosenheck, Entrepreneur (recent exit)

I asked Josh if he could put together a few sentences about our time working together. He went above and beyond anything I was expecting.

Josh, you blew me away with your post. It’s been too long since I’ve felt inspired to keep moving. You are an incredible dude, and if there is anything you need just let me know.

I met Josh Rosenheck in 2010. I gave a 10 minute talk to the Rutgers University Honors Program which Josh was a student of. My talk was meant to encourage the students to attend a hands-on workshop I was building with the Dean of Honors, Matt Matsuda. We named the workshop, Design Your Future.

Josh was already busy working on his first company, LifeStencils. He partnered with a group of artists from around the country to produce some of the most original and unique pieces of artwork in the world. Soon after, he launched his first mobile application, Shots iGot. The app lets you take a picture of any bottle filled with alcohol and it tells you how many shots you have in that bottle. In the last year, Josh created a second mobile app, MarcoPolo. This app received national attention as well as a Series A investment. It’s now called Tag.

I dig the Tag app. I can “Tag” my contacts into groups, send private messages, include pictures, and give them exact directions to wherever I am. All I have to do is Tag them. I’m using it as the invitation and direction service for my birthday party in October. Download the location-based app and you might just get tagged by me with an invitation to my birthday.

Update: since writing this post, Josh negotiated a deal with Mark Cuban and successfully exited. Incredible story from sitting with him in a workshop after his honors class to five years later getting bought by one of the world’s most successful investors. Nice work, Josh. Nice work.


Josh Rosenheck Found of Tag AppIt has been a great honor and a real pleasure to work with Dan for the past four years. We met at a Rutgers University workshop he was hosting on SEO. I attended as a student, and immediately took notice of Dan’s composure, positive energy, and ability to put complex ideas into simple terms.

At the time, I was very inexperienced (building my first drag-and-drop website), and had never heard of SEO. In years to come, I would become close friends with Dan, and consult him on my various projects.

I have now started three successful businesses, reached Top 10 Paid Entertainment Apps in the App Store, and raised over $3 million from great angel investors including Eduardo Saverin & Tim Draper.

I owe a lot to Dan for being that initial spark of inspiration that motivated me to go for it all.

Self-motivated and passionate, with boundless energy, he is brilliant, proactive, and brings out the best in me. I strongly endorse Dan and I wish him the best he deserves for the future.

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