“I am a business owner of 16 years, and wanted to take my jewelry business to the next level.”

Sofia Mullen Jewelry, Business Owner

The following is a testimonial written by the business owner, Sofia Mullen.

I am Sofia Mullen, a business owner of 16 years, and wanted to take my jewelry business to the next level. I commissioned Daniel DAlonzo to create my website, and I cannot rave enough about his talents and professionalism! The site is absolutely beautiful! He has incorporated all the necessary visual and functional components for my online business to be successful. I would highly recommend his services as he truly knows his business. Partner with Daniel and you too will be astounded by his recommendations and ultimately your new found success!

Sofia Mullen Jewelry is a boutique located in Boca Raton, Florida. Sofia has been successful selling her designer jewelry, but she didn’t have a web presence. Sofia wanted to be able to manage her website and products on her own. She didn’t want to have to rely on someone to make small changes here and there. I don’t blame her. I told her I don’t want her to have to ask me either!

Sofia’s business will be even more successful than it is now because she understood the value in learning how to manage her e-commerce jewelry store. Sure, she could have paid someone monthly or per hour to help her. However, Sofia knows that her customers need things immediately. We live in a world where competition is everywhere. People leave your website to save a few pennies by purchasing from another e-commerce store. Sofia Mullen told she doesn’t have time to wait for a service provider to make the changes to her e-commerce jewelry store.

In order to accomplish Sofia’s goals she will need consistent training and a custom dashboard built specifically for her business model. One size does NOT fit all.

I built Sofia a private “Upload” page where she can upload her new products on her own. This allowed us to remove a few unnecessary steps of Sofia sending me product info, me downloading the product images, me uploading the products into the e-commerce website, then finally show Sofia what the product looks like on the site. The Upload page allowed Sofia to be in complete control from start to finish. She is able to title each product exactly how she wants. She is able to see whether the product image works with a particular style, and it allowed me to focus on building the next automated feature set into her e-commerce website.

Before the site officially launches Sofia will have a private client dashboard where she will upload and manage products, track inventory, monitor transactions, and send marketing emails to her customers.

Sofia is motivated and talented. Don’t be surprised when you see her popping up across the country in the few months.Services Provided: website design, e-commerce, custom client dashboard so Sofia can manage the store on the front-end of the website, payment gateway, email marketing, automation, user experience, user interface, idea development, startup mentorship.


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