Techstars, Startup Digest, and Social Enterprizers

Techstars, Startup Digest, and Social Enterprizers

As the global ecosystem for entrepreneurship we are always excited when we can bring together the movers and shakers of the world. One of our jobs is is to find the risk-takers and system-shakers so we can bring them together and in a position to achieve the impossible. This November, we plan to do just that.

Social Enterprize Startup Digest

I am just sitting down for a coffee. Extra milk. No sugar. You know why? Because you’re all the sugar I need 🙂

What are you up to?

If you found this post on my blog you might want to signup for Social Enterprizers. I manage the global weekly publication for Techstars. Some would say I am in the Techstars and Startup Digest mafia. You can say that if it works. Yea, I think it works.

Techstars plays a critical role

Think of an ecosystem in a similar fashion that you might think of green houses and even the rain forest. The things that are grown within each ecosystem are determined based on the nature of the ecosystem itself.

hub city revival

I see a lot of potential for Techstars (not that they are not already one of the most successful companies of its kind), and within the first few minutes you missed so much.

Ecosystem contains services and support like Startup Weekend

In the next 10 days, we will have entered this year’s global entrepreneurship month. A major component of the Techstars global ecosystem is something called Startup Weekend.


It is a time for all walks of life to turn off their television, get up from the couch, and come together for about 50 straight hours. Everyone starts at the same time, and everyone has to be ready to pitch the room of investors at the same time.


As you may know, next month is global entrepreneurship month. Have you registered for Startup Weekend? We have two in D.C. and they are a week apart so I plan on rocking both of them!