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This is where I learn. It's how I earn. It's where I level the playing field once and for all. It's where I hold myself accountable. It's where I tell the world, "This is who I am, this is what I believe in, love me for who I am or leave me for who I am not.


Professional digital design


Collaboration tool for designers and developers

Advanced prototyping for web and mobile UX design


Automating the Customer Journey


Messaging applications for the entire customer journey


All-in-one messenger for Facebook, SMS, MMS, push notifications, and more are coming for sure


Sendsonar is built on top of Twilio. I know the basics for Twilio, but you will see this one pop up again throughout my personal learning plan.


After four months on-site with a workforce development startup I have some great insight to bring into the future of work. I carved out a place for myself in the new economy at the intersection of business, government, education and technology. Seven years later, I am beginning to reap the benefits. I am excited to share everything I am learning with you. Something else I realized is how I am brought into organizations to "fix" something that's broken. A common theme is that the organization does not have a full understanding of what is malfunctioning. I used to get caught in professional relationships where I was taking orders from an organization in regards to design - if you're a designer, check back soon for a series I am publishing around the idea of positioning yourself effectively as you are setting up the relationship - if you wait until you get inside the organization to standup for yourself you will be in for a rude awakening. I'll take you through the system I setup to not only vet clients before working together, but actually begin to transform their culture as you create the conditions for organizational transformation to take place. Founders and CEOs: did you know that the job of a user experience designer is to bring design thinking into every aspect of your business? There is no halfway - if you are not ready to build a healthy organization that is transparent, open, and led by leaders rather than managed by managers then don't hire UX yet. UX maturity is a real thing. If you have never had on-site, fulltime design employees before then please contact me. I have put together an awesome three month program that will save you tens of thousands of dollars and save you the precious time you need to maintain the competitive advantage in these volatile times.


In search of a platform that makes the experience mapping process easier. Been sketching it out a lot. Preparing to build first prototype of this technology in the near future.

Organizational Transformation is emerging with growth hacking, lean startup, agile, design thinking, the new credential registry, and perhaps supported by government bonds if we're lucky.

Oh, and did I mention my blockchain philosophy? What if humans were able to have a blockchain ledger attached to their lives - similar to a birth certificate or social security card. What's different is this private nature of the blockchain and how it would let each American start life on a level playing field. Everyone's blockchain is blank at birth. In order to increase your value you would have to earn credentials through learning experiences, mentorships, etc. It becomes like your portfolio.

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Action Horizon Institute

Postsecondary Education Programclose

Project-based learning experience designed to empower students with an organic environment and self-directed learning principles to analyze the complexity of a social issue in their local community using new media.