Social Enterprise Methodology

I drafted the first iteration of the Social Enterprise Methodology in March of 2015.

This iteration was the first graphic designed flow of the process – I started with a pencil and paper sketch I can post up in the future.

social problem solving methodology

The methodology provides a step-by-step framework for any person who has a desire to make positive change in their world. The methodology outlines the roles which must be filled by community members, entrepreneurs, investors, etc prior to implementing a new social enterprise business model. It also includes advice, insights, and strategies for advancing from one phase to the next.

Social Enterprise Methodology Version 2I have continued to refine this pre-incubation model and presently have four phases that seem to be holding ground the most successfully. The tentpoles of the method and everything we do happens within that tent.

On the right, you can see a vertical iteration of the methodology. Not sure what my angle was to do that, but I recall getting the inspiration one night to bang that out.

The Social Enterprise Methodology is not a substitute or a replacement for in-person communication, team building, and collaboration. Rather, it is a guide that shows ambitious community members how to navigate through people, places, and profit within their own ecosystem anywhere in the world.

Below is one more iteration of the methodology. This is the version we used for the social innovation conference, Cooperative Impact. The conference followed the arch of the methodology.

social enterprise methodology