Post to WordPress from Gmail

I am writing this post from within my standard Gmail outgoing message window.

How did I write an email within my standard Gmail account and have it automatically post the content to my WordPress site?

Post by Email

  1. Download, install, and activate Jetpack
  2. Once Jetpack is activated, turn on the module “Post by Email”
  3. Within the WordPress dashboard, navigate to Your Profile (/wp-admin/profile.php)
  4. Scroll-down a bit, and click the button labelled “Enable Post by Email”
  5. Copy the unique email address WordPress provides
  6. Go to your Gmail > compose a new email > paste the unique email address in the “To:”
  7. Type the title of your post in the subject line
  8. Compose the body copy and rich media for your WordPress post within the text area you would normally include the copy for your emails
  9. Send the email > BOOM you’re a pro!
  10. Post by email pro tips will help you compose sexy WordPress posts from within your traditional email client

Let me know how it goes!

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