How to nurture and court your prospects down your sales funnel

“I understand why I need to create content, but my team doesn’t know where to start.”

First of all, stop buying leads and stop outsourcing your content. The only person qualified to represent your business is you and your team. For me, when it comes to putting food on my table and a roof over my head there is no person I would rather rely on than myself. If I were to put that power into someone else’s hands I would lose control over the outcome of my life.

In the early stages of generating revenue online, it is important to focus on organic growth. Once the culture of your organization has shifted, then we can talk about growth hacking via automation and paid tactics. However, prior to all that we need to figure out how to serve your value proposition and communicate with your prospects online. Skipping this step will likely result in a slow and painful organizational death.

Your content is the first opportunity to educate and build trust between you and your customer. I am using the content you are consuming at this very moment in the same fashion.

Lead by example. What we are really talking about is a change in the culture of your organization. As the leader of the organization one of your roles is to lead the team by example. You are not “too senior” or “too cool” to create content.

Step outside of your comfort zone. My clients are remarkable humans. The gifts they have to share with the world are a blessing to anyone they come in contact with. Part of my job is to help them walk to the edge of their comfort zone – become aware of the way they always have done things – then begin to think through what it might look like to step outside of that zone. The ambiguous nature of doing something new eventually becomes a sought after experience. For this is a sign that we are growing. We grow together.

How might we begin to step outside of our comfort zone?

Look, listen, and learn. Invest time observing the way your industry communicates with one another on the internet. Read the status updates thought leaders post on social media. Read the sentences comprised of certain words that exude a specific tone. Understand how others in your industry are already doing it. It is only after you have done your research will you have the insight to strategically position yourself in the industry. Intentionally create content that carves a place out for yourself within the existing conversation taking place.

Find your voice. Get comfortable creating content. An effective way of doing this is to record yourself with the native audio recording app on your smartphone. The topics to write about are sourced from the questions your customers currently ask you.

Build editorial strategy via Google Sheets. Create a spreadsheet in Google Sheets with the first column titled “Topics”. This is where you source ideas for the content you’re going to create on a daily basis. Think about the questions your current clients ask you. Each question is the title of another blog post, podcast, and video. If your customers are asking you the question, you can bet your ass there are other people typing the same question into Google at this very moment. In order for you to get found by those other people searching in the search engine you must have created the content. Otherwise, those people will find their answers from your competitor.

Create a content engine. Once you have gone through the process of recording audio, transcribing it into text, and publishing the content on your blog it’s now time to standardize the process. Install scaleable infrastructure into your business by systematizing this process of audio -> text -> blog -> social media. It is also important to note that once you record the audio and transcribe the text you have now created two different pieces of content out of the same topic. This increases your likelihood of attracting and getting found by your prospects as they search for your services.

You have a lot of knowledge to transfer to your prospects and customers. Your prospects are looking for you online, but if they can’t find your content then they won’t find your website. If they don’t find your website then they won’t convert into a lead.

I am grateful to be alive another day. I am grateful to have your attention for this brief part of your day. I am here for you as an asset and resource. Please let me know how I can be of service to you.


Daniel D’Alonzo