"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man."

-George Bernard Shaw

Hi Will,

Below you will find three sections:

  • Recommended Package
  • One-Time Services
  • Recurring Services

Recommended Package is the prescribed services to launch the project. The Recommended Package includes services which are outlined in detail in the One-Time Services section. The Recurring Services section is included to provide you with an idea of how we might move forward together after the initial development. I did not include Recurring Services in the initial price quote found in Recommended Package. Please call me when you are ready to review 347-587-9092.

Recommended Package

Find the full description of deliverables, due dates, and cost breakdown towards the bottom of this page. The following bullet list includes the recommended services to start the project in an incremental capacity.

  • Timeline: $0
  • Development: $2,000 (desktop + mobile)
  • SEO: $250
    • Total Cost: $2,250
    • Cost to Start: $1,125
      • 50% of total due upon contract commencement and 50% due upon project completion

One-Time Services


Project management deliverable which outlines a roadmap of deliverables, expected timelines, and expectations that are set between CONTRACTOR (Daniel D’Alonzo) and CLIENT (Hudson Benefits Consulting).

  • Deliverable due: within 7 days of contract commencement
  • Deliverable cost: $0


Web development deliverable (also referred to as “build”) consisting of custom HTML and CSS to meet specific dimensional requirements based on visual design.

  • Deliverable due: first iteration due within 7 days of contract commencement and follows a draft process until CLIENT approves final iteration for publishing live
  • Deliverable cost: $1,000 per unique build

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Includes initial keyword research based on relevance, implementation of proper URL structure, xml/HTML sitemaps, business registration with Google/Yahoo/Bing, image alt tags + description, page meta titles + descriptions, and any other SEO requests made my CLIENT. CONSULTANT provides CLIENT with instruction and templates on how to create the proper content for each page which is then optimized by CONSULTANT.

  • Deliverable due: prior to final iteration being published live
  • Deliverable cost: $250


This is a training service the CONSULTANT provides to the CLIENT. This training is designed to empower the CLIENT and/or CLIENT’S employees to understand how to use the free tools available to automate the implementation of a majority of the monthly Editorial Strategy (outlined in monthly services below).

  • Deliverable due: training is provided through a blended learning experience with combined sessions in-person, screen-share, and via content that is created by the CONSULTANT for the CLIENT based on the unique needs of the CLIENT.
  • Deliverable cost: $100

Recurring Services

All recurring services include web hosting. If CLIENT requests independent web hosting at anytime it is the duty of the CONSULTANT to transfer all files to a web hosting location of the CLIENT’s preference.


Based on the CLIENT’s organizational goals, Editorial Strategy is designed in 30 day intervals which includes specific scheduled omnichannel content creation that is delegated throughout the CLIENT’s organization (social media posts, blog posts, new information products/ebooks/podcast, etc)

  • Deliverable due: 30 day calendar sent to CLIENT approximately 7 days prior to the upcoming month
  • Deliverable cost: $100 per month


Based on the CLIENT’s organizational goals, the Growth package is designed to continuously improve the CLIENT’s web assets in their entirety (CLIENT’s brand footprint is included – website, social networks, and in-person branded assets). CONSULTANT monitors and manages web analytics and in-person metrics as recorded by CLIENT and delivered to CONSULTANT on a mutually agreed upon schedule to grow the CONSULTANT’s organizational capacity, deepen the organization’s impact, and, of course, increase the organization’s bottom line.

  • Deliverable due: service is provided on-demand throughout the course of each month
  • Deliverable cost: $250 per month

I appreciate your time, and I look forward to growing our organizations together.


Daniel D’Alonzo