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Do you have a vision?

Have you discovered an unmet need? Are you working within an emerging market? Are you in the middle of a project and feel stuck? Are you wondering whether you should design a web app or a mobile app? iOS or Android? Are you nervous to invest in app design without knowing if it’s actually the solution you need or not? Have you been sitting on an idea for a while and now you are ready?

Those questions are outdated.

We no longer have to decide between those finite options. We are able to design cross-device apps that function and feel native to the device. It only requires one design and development process, and a framework to empower you to do it on your own – it doesn’t matter whether you have ever written a line of code or not.

About the course

We immediately start the course with laser focus on understanding a problem you want to solve.

We get super specific on who your customers are, what their latent unmet needs are, and how you might start the iterative process of creating value to meet those unmet needs. Through the problem discovery process your customer may become aware of their latent problem for the first time, and once this happens we position your product as the penicillin to their aching pain.

Learn how to be in the right place at the right time so that when the right customer finds you, your product is already waiting for them.

What you’ll learn

We start by clarifying your vision. The vision for your product is basically the value proposition you aim to deliver to your customers. For example, let’s say I owned a basketball-making factory. That means my value proposition would be a basketball. Perhaps I’m unique because of the leather or the pricing, but the basic idea of my value prop is the physical basketball itself.

We get specific about your customer and define approximately three different personas based on the phases your customer must go through on the journey to realizing the vision of the product. Next, we will create a vision roadmap with clearly defined milestones and measurable objectives for yourself and/or your team. You’ll learn how to outline your ideal customer journey, and how to map the technology you will build to nurture and court the user from the phase of being unaware all the way to becoming a loyal customer who tells all her friends and family how amazing the experience has been.

Badge+ issues verified badges

Badges highlight the knowledge and skills you gain from the course. Use the badges you collect from various learning experiences to signal employers that you have additional qualifications than your traditional resume can display.

What's included:

  • Detailed checklists included for each day
  • Step-by-step guidance on who to invite, where to host it, and how to go about having a successful design sprint
  • Continuous mentorship from our instructors and support from our community

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

(1) Discover latent needs in emerging markets

(2) Clarify the vision of an idea and product

(3) Create customer personas mapped to the evolving value propositions you will offer

(4) Map out the ideal customer journey

(5) Experiment with triggers to influence customer actions

(6) Reach product/market fit through rapid prototyping and continuous iteration

(7) Know how to fail fast, and learn often so you can shut down ideas that don't have legs


Learning credentials are issued as industry recognized badges and are verified by Badge+. Students who successfully complete this course will be issued the following badges: (update coming soon)


Please contact me if you're interested in contributing on any level.