Customer acquisition isn’t something you bolt on later

If you reach a moment in the process and you have no customers it means you neglected to involved them in the process, and that means you completely missed the point of why a business exists.

Customer acquisition isn’t something you “bolt on” in the end.

Customers are courted and earned as you go through the process together. Brand loyalty is established when you go above and beyond expectations

Customers are earned as you nurture and court them by creating value to meet their unmet needs. Think less of attracting customers as if it were a switch to be turned on once the product is launched. We call it “the big reveal”. This method usually leads to out of scope products that are over budget and disconnected from the needs of your users.

Customer acquisition is something you work on at every stage of your business starting with the first stage, your value proposition.

It begins with your thesis: How do you see the world? How do you talk about the world with others? How do you treat people within your community (work, family, etc), and how do they perceive you? These behavjioral issues or perhaps lack of will directly impact the quality,

The behaviors I mentioned above naturally effect the everyday workplace and the people within said workplace.

These behaviors naturally extend to the way we have interactions with coworkers. This extends directly to the way we promote our services and engage with our customers.

The law of diffusion innovation says we need the early adopters first. These are the users who buy into the organization’s “why” and they are willing to take a chance on our organization.

The early majority comes after the early adopters. The early majority are the people who say, “What’s in it for me?” As we work towards a targeted and segmented approach to user acquisition we focus strictly on the early adopters. Without them, we are unable to get the next batch of users. We generally will not have access to the next batch (early majority) until we’ve acquired the early adopters (approx 15-18%).

Where are you along the journey of growing your organization?