Create business email address with your domain name

In this video I walk you through the process of creating a new email address within your hosting account. Don’t pay GoDaddy for email addresses.

The next video in this series shows you how to forward emails to your Gmail inbox.

You do not need to pay GoDaddy or any other domain registrar for email addresses. When you purchase a hosting account with Hostgator, BlueHost, or any other major hosting company they provide you with unlimited free email addresses.

This can be confusing because when you think of your email address the domain name is used in the email address. First instinct tells you since the email address will contain the domain name you purchased from GoDaddy means you need to manage your email through GoDaddy. This is incorrect.

It does not matter if you bought your domain name from GoDaddy and host your website with HostGator. The hosting company you pay to host your website is the place you should create your domain email addresses.

After you purchase a hosting package you are sent login credentials and a link. This email often gets ignored because of the technical language. However, this email contains the keys to the kingdom!

The first step in becoming technically independent is understanding your cPanel. Most cPanels function the same and use the same interface across various hosting companies. It’s a platform to access and edit the “background stuff” of your websites.

To create new email addresses you must access your cPanel. To access your cPanel simply type: — and then login with the information you received when you first purchased the hosting plan.

Follow the directions in the video to complete the process of creating an email address with the domain name you purchased.