Carve out a place for yourself because nobody else can do it for you

I am working on a framework that gives you the tools to design your own future. The framework is unique because it is based on the personal and professional experiences of my life between the years of 2007 and 2011.

During those four years, I went through a series of consecutive experiences while surrounded by a group of influential people and the result was the transformation of my life.

Beginning life in a lower social status meant that I would likely continue to accumulate disadvantages throughout my life. If it weren’t for the experiences I went through and the people I surrounded myself with then the cycle of poverty prophecy would have been fulfilled.

I started this post by mentioning my personal life first because I want you to know where this framework comes from. It is not a theory. It is not a school project. It is not a hobby and it is not a side project I am hoping to score big on. This is my life. It might not always seem glamorous. I am fine with that. If I am able to transfer even one piece of advice or provide you with one single insight that saves you time or money or hard-ache then I have accomplished what I set out to accomplish.

This is an iterative process and it will update and evolve and get refined each time I learn something new about you and what your life is like right now and what you might be struggling with and likewise for myself as well.

Success will be determined by how much you are willing to learn, how much you are willing to fail, and how willing you are to collaborate with others.

Success is measured by the voice in your head that tells you whether you are happy or not.