Brad Pitt Slams Your Moneyball

Brad Pitt Slams Your Moneyball

About a month ago I watched the movie Moneyball with Brad Pitt. Since then I’ve watched it four additional times, tallying my Moneyball to 5 in 30 days. Why am I watching Moneyball?

This took me 20 minutes to edit, compress and upload so you should take 57 seconds to watch it…

In the movie they are talking about baseball, but this concept can be related to much of what’s happening today. As we continue to innovate and disrupt the stability of existing institutions, the people in control are going bat shit crazy because they feel the reigns are slipping. It’s hard for people like you and I to realize that when we’re on the verge of breaking through.

If you’re not tearing your team apart and rebuilding from a cross-functional and multidisciplinary approach, you’re a dinosaur.

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The movie Moneyball is from the book Moneyball.