Beta Credentials Framework is Here

Credentials framework and credentials registry beta hits the market abruptly and doesn’t cause many heads to turn because people are so focused on solving yesterday’s problem they are completely missing the ball right now.

By providing common language and a unified framework for understanding the competencies associated with different credentials, applications of the Framework can improve all of the following:

Equity. More transparent credentials create clearly visible pathways to increase career and economic mobility for historically underserved and underrepresented populations, particularly African American, Latino and Native American students.

Credential Transparency. The Framework makes it easier to understand the competencies associated with any credential.

Comparability. It makes it possible for stakeholders to compare the value of various credentials and determine which credential best fits their needs.

Portability. It supports the translation of learning acquired across institutions and between academic institutions and employers.

Tools based on the Framework can help individuals and companies reduce time and cost required to complete credentials. The Framework can also lead to better-informed choices about education and employment and about hiring and promotion of workers. Specific potential applications include facilitating:

  • Credit transfer;
  • Secondary/postsecondary articulation;
  • Matching jobs competencies with credentials;
  • Cross-walking competencies across multiple credentials;
  • Assessment of learning outcomes in a variety of contexts including classroom, work-based and online learning;
  • Assessment of and providing for credit for prior learning;
  • Developing career pathways and credential “stacking”;
  • Increasing employer use of credentials;
  • Educational program development and review;
  • College and career advising/navigating.